The Prestige

the_prestige_poster alfred

The Prestige is a 2006 British-American film directed by Christopher Nolan.  The film takes place in London, and is about two rival stage magicians named Alfred Borden and Robert Angier who constantly try to outdo each other in their stage tricks.  The two magicians try to find out each others tricks, and make their own better in order to gather a greater audience.  They go to extremes to make their tricks superior, and their tricks only get dirtier as their competition grows.  The Prestige is very suspenseful, and to incorporate this suspense, Christopher Nolan tactfully arranged the film so the viewer is left unaware of the true nature of the magicians’ tricks until the end of the movie.  Suspense also comes about during the two magicians’ tricks, and whether or not they turn out the way that they are intended to.  For a magician – Hugh Jackman couldn’t have been a better choice.


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