Vertigo JohnVertigo is a 1958 psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring James Stewart.  The film was known for popularizing the “dolly zoom,” which is a visually distorting effect used in filmmaking to make objects or other visuals seem farther away from a closer distance, causing the viewer to experience vertigo.  Alfred Hitchcock also places the color red in scenes to make the color seem very outstanding from other colors in the scenes, making the viewer become sick of seeing the color red.  The movie is about a San Francisco detective named John “Scottie” Ferguson, who is traumatized by the loss of his partner who fell from a rooftop.  John looks down to see his dead partner, only to become dizzy and lose the criminal that they were chasing.  The movie cuts to his later years, where he constantly has effects from vertigo because of his past experience, and he is long retired from his detective career.  One day though, he is asked to visit a friend who wants him to spy on his wife, who is experiencing trances where she loses control of her consciousness and goes to odd places to do odd things.  As John investigates, he falls in love with this woman, and the woman falls in love with him.  John now struggles emotionally and consciously on what to do about her, because he does not want her to be with a different man than her husband, and whenever she loses control, she tries to kill herself.  Alfred Hitchcock does a phenomenal job of making a suspenseful plot, making the viewer feel the effects of vertigo, and disturbing the viewer with the oddly curious behaviors of the individuals followed by John.


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