Se7en SevenSe7en is a 1995 thriller written by Andrew Kevin Walker and directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and R. Lee Ermey.  The film is about two detectives, William Somerset and David Mills.  William Somerset (Freeman) is an older detective who considers retiring, and does not have much hope for his current case, which is to track and discover a serial killer who bases all of his kills on the seven deadly sins.  Somerset is considering ending his career as a detective because of his long years in the field.  David Mills (Pitt) is a younger detective who is assigned to the same case, enthusiastically and naively pushing himself to solve the case.  As the movie progresses the two detectives find more and more hidden messages left over by their killer, and discover what messages he is trying to send to society by his killings.  The movie is a great portrayal of a detectives stressful work to find a serial killer, and the movie’s intense chase scene shows Mill’s strong desire to find the killer.  Kevin Spacey does an incredible job as the seven deadly sins killer, showing his lack of emotion and compassion and sick genius.  Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt portray excellent detectives who take pride in their work and work hard to protect the good of society.  David Fincher did a great job with making the crime scene investigations very suspenseful and indulging.


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