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Gravity is a 2013 science fiction thriller by Alfonso Cuarón.  The film tells a fictional story of a modern-day routine fixing of a satellite gone wrong.  George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are the two leading actors who portray astronauts who must abort their mission due to space debris coming at extremely high speeds in their direction.  This causes the three to become seperated in space, unable to communicate with any form of life, and without a shuttle to take them home.  Moments during the movie show the coming of the space debris, which causes tension and makes the astronauts act fast in their decisions.  The movie becomes more tense and nausea-inducing as the shots go to a first person view through Dr. Ryan Stone’s helmet as she spins out of control in space.  The movie is filled with near-death situations in space as Dr. Stone makes her way on low oxygen to different spacecrafts to find her way back home.  The character of astronaut Matt Kowalski is portrayed greatly by George Clooney as a meaningful and symbolic character whose purpose seems only to be to calm and guide Dr. Stone during her hectic situations.  In the movie, he saves her life numerous times until it is time for her to return the favor.  His character makes Dr. Stone realize how collected a person must be in a life or death situation.  Although the movie seemed extremely unrealistic, it was very suspenseful and the plot was very interesting.


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