Reservoir Dogs

YOUTUBE VIDEO: This YouTube video features an interview with Quentin Tarantino that was actually featured on a special features disc of a special copy of Resevoir Dogs.  In this interview, Quentin Tarantino describes his unique style of filmmaking, his gathering of inspiration, and how it led to him making a breakthrough in the independent film industry.


Reservoir Dogs is a 1992 American independent crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.  It was his debut film, and popularized his signature non-linear style of filmmaking, and is widely known to be one of the best films of the crime genre.  What makes the movie so great is that it depicts only before and after a botched bank robbery.  Because of this depiction, the viewer is left with questions as to what exactly went wrong with the heist.  The plot narrowly unfolds as the men behind the plan begin to lose trust in one another, and slowly turn against each other.  In the events shown in the movie before the robbery, Tarantino does a great job of portraying each “mister’s” personality.  There are different scenarios showing each man’s individual planning of how they will carry out their task during the heist and the events that lead up to the heist’s planning.  Dialogue truly captures the emotions and nervousness of each man.  Each man is told not to ever say their name to each other, which for some does not go down well, and they are given the names Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, and Mr. White.  The plan is tried to be carried out professionally, and the boss, Joe Cabot, tries to explain to them the importance of the men not questioning him, their tasks, or their names if they want to succeed.  “Nice Guy Eddie”, Cabot’s son, organizes the heist, and tells each men their job.  After each men receives their task, the events after the heist are shown.  The rest of the movie takes place in an abandoned warehouse.  Each moment of the warehouse interactions is tense, and the men arrive at their new meeting spots at different times and during confusing and intense dilemmas, which cause the men to question each other and whether their involvement in the heist is legitimate and not traitorous.  Entire intense arguments or long stressful dialogue is captured in one shot, until the arrival of a new member of the crew, causing the viewer to be deeply indulged into the hectic situations.  I thought that the acting in the movie was extremely good, because each actor follows their character’s personality perfectly, capturing the emotions and stress of each character.


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