Riddick is a 2013 science fiction thriller/horror/action film that is the third installment in David Twohy’s Chronicles of Riddick franchise.  The first two films in the trilogy are Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.  Riddick starts directly after The Chronicles of Riddick,  in which former fugitive and murderer Richard B. Riddick kills the Lord Marshal and takes his place on the throne.  Riddick disliked his place as the leader of the previous Lord’s Necromonger army, so he left the planet in which he was the Lord of, and leaves to find his home planet, Furya.  Riddick believes he has found his home planet, and lands only to find that it is a completely barren planet except for the native giant scorpion-like creatures that inhabit the planet.  He adapts quickly to the planet and trains a native wolf-like creature on the planet to fight at his side.  His ship that he arrived in becomes disabled, and he is forced to fight the creatures until he tries to lure in two other ships using a beacon.  He successfully lures in two ships, one filled with bounty hunters who happen to want Riddick dead, and another filled with neutral mercenaries with their leader, William Johns.  William Johns is the father of the “Johns” character from Pitch Black, who was a bounty hunter trying to find and capture Riddick.


The rest of the movie involves how Riddick fights off the bounty hunters and the native creatures, and convinces Johns to not take his bounty, and works with him to escape the planet.


One interesting aspect of Riddick throughout the trilogy is that from his past, he has proven to be a dark, violence-obsessed character, but makes quick moral decisions when deciding the fate of other’s lives, even his enemies.  Also, almost the entire movie takes place in the dark, because of the short days on the planet and long nights, and fits the dark mood of the movie.


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