Edward Scissorhands


Edward Scissorhands  is a film by Tim Burton about a man who was raised by a man obsessed with machinery.  This man made Edward Scissorhands have scissors for hands, which made his life extremely difficult.  Edward has inherited his “master’s” mansion because he accidentally killed him.  Edward is discovered by a saleswoman who takes him in to her family’s home, in which he learns how to adapt to a semi-normal society.  All of the houses and people in the movie are extremely colorful, but ironically the environment that they live in is very dull because of every house is identical in shape, but they are each painted in a different bright color.  Edward is obsessed over by Peg Bogg’s neighbors, who constantly ask him for favors and use him to help out around the town.  Edward feels glad that he fits in with the town, but feels depressed because only the people that he lives with actually care about him.  In the movie, the town switches from hating him, to loving him, to hating him again.  He is constantly framed for the wrongdoings of others, and eventually it leads to Peg’s daughter faking his death so that the town will forget his existence.  Edward is left glad to have lived a happy life among the townspeople and his small “family”.  An interesting foreshadowing occurs in the beginning of the movie in which a random townswoman comes up to a group of Peg’s neighbors who are praising Edward, and she tells them that he was sent by Satin, and carries only evil within him.  The entire town, in the beginning of the movie, dismisses her and calls her crazy, but believe her after Edward is framed for many wrongdoings.  The movie starts off with an elderly woman telling her supposed grandchild of the story of Edward Scissorhands, and at the end of the movie it is revealed that the elderly woman is Peg’s daughter, Kim, who says that she still thinks that Edward is still alive, because it still snows.  Kim says this because before Edward Scissorhands was brought into the town by Peg, it never snowed, and she thinks that is because he was not present in the town.


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