Kill Bill Vol. 2

ImageImageKill Bill Vol. 2 is the fourth film by Quentin Tarantino and is the sequel to his action thriller, Kill Bill Vol. 1. These two films were originally intended to be one movie, but the movie would have been four hours long, so it was shortened into two ‘volumes’.  I chose to review Volume 2 instead of Volume 1 because Volume 2 has a different style than Volume 1.  In Kill Bill Vol. 1, the story focuses on the main character, Beatrix Kiddo, aka The Bride or The Black Mamba who was betrayed by her master, Bill.  Beatrix leaves Bill, and makes it her number one priority to kill him.  Volume 1 mostly contains fights and the back-story of all of her enemies, and part of the movie is anime.  Volume 2 focuses much more in depth of the dialogue and back-story of Beatrix, instead of the fighting that occurs as a part of Beatrix’s revenge in Volume 1.  In Volume 1, there are intense fight scenes where many of Bill’s thugs are killed by Beatrix, and a few of Bill’s pupils.  In Volume 2, there are only 3 deaths, including —

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

— two of Bill’s pupils, and Bill. There is an interesting part in Volume 2 in which Beatrix is buried alive by one of Bill’s pupils.  Bill’s pupil refers to her as being ‘buried like a worm’.  After she is buried, there is a flashback to her training where she learns how to execute the strongest punch to strike a solid surface.  She uses this punch to break the coffin, and make her way to the surface, “like a worm.”   A large part of Volume 2 focuses on Beatrix’s training, and how she was able to conquer her obstacles to find and kill Bill.  The beginning of both volumes starts with the same long and drawn out one-sided dialogue between Bill and Beatrix, Beatrix being at gunpoint.  Beatrix is at the verge of death, and after their conversation is over, Beatrix is shot in the head by Bill.  The viewer is supposed to assume that this scene is the end of Volume 2, ending in Beatrix’s death.  However, shortly after this scene in Volume 1, it is revealed that Beatrix survived the gunshot, and the events after the gunshot trail into her revenge of Bill.  In Volume 2, the fight scenes are very short, instead of Volume 1’s long and less realistic fight scenes. Before every fight scene there is long and drawn out dialogue, just like in the beginning of the movie.  Right before Bill is killed by Beatrix, their dialogue at the end of the movie is similar to that of the dialogue in the opening scene.


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